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Communications that keep marriage sweet

The Bible says that we have the power to speak life or death into our marriages. The words we speak will reveal the subconscious motivations of our hearts. Our spouses will know when we speak with love or judgement towards them. Do our words ultimately build up or tear down?...

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Homosexuality is not an identity issue

This post on same-sex attraction seeks to provide a loving and hopefully, constructive platform for those who are uncertain about their sexual orientation in light of God’s Word. It is for those who place their faith and hope in the God of the Bible but are unsure how their sexual...

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6 crucial lessons about marriage

The Bible calls us to honour our marriages, yet nothing in our lifetimes really prepares us for marriage. What exactly does it mean to honour our marriages in real, practical terms?   Marriage is a covenant that unites two differently shaped lives to become one entity. Friction and compromise are inevitable. Let’s...

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Self as spouse

Marriage can be a test of our commitment to God’s will for our lives. It can also be a great blessing. Let us aspire to be a husband or wife who delights God by praying for the wisdom to honour our spouses every day. With the Holy Spirit’s guidance and conviction,...

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Have you ever felt let down by people you trust and love? Perhaps you have been betrayed by family, friends or colleagues at work. Jesus was also betrayed by those He loved, cared for and served with. Praise God that He empathises with our personal pain. Let’s lift up our...

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God’s model marriage calls for sacrificial love, great patience and deep courage of heart. Becoming one as the Bible describes requires some ‘open heart surgery’. We must allow Him to change our hearts so that we love others selflessly, and trust Him to transform both husband and wife into His image. It...