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Tag: hurt

Forgiving others

Offences happen when people sin against each other and against God. There is no sinless person on this earth and there is no one in this world who has not been offended. We all have someone in our lives we need to forgive. Forgiving is hard, as we struggle with our...

A prayer over church wounds

Church wounds

No one is perfect. Believers do make mistakes that hurt their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. To thrive in authentic godly church communities, we need draw healthy boundaries and be shrewd about whom we allow into our inner circles. Additionally, we must ensure that Satan does not use our wounds...

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The importance of emotional self awareness

Our emotional reactions to people, circumstances and places reveal a lot about ourselves. We may be unaware that our hidden attitudes dishonour God and idolise ourselves. Spiritual growth requires that we develop emotional self-awareness.   Fortunately, God’s Holy Spirit will also convict us when we start to give in to...