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Image for Why we may struggle to love perfectly

Why we struggle to love perfectly

Jesus commands all His followers to love others perfectly. Yet this is something each one of us struggles to fully obey. We understand the commandment in our minds, but our hearts may be pulled by invisible strings towards things like fear, resentment, envy, and judgment instead. Romans 7 describes this...

Image for Do we bless God or do we blaspheme Him?

Do we bless God or do we blaspheme Him?

Most of our prayers revolve around asking God for blessings and protection. The idea of blessing God through our attitudes and words may be foreign to some of us, yet it is central to an authentic relationship with Him. God is not a static vending machine of blessings. He is...

Image for Learning to speak the truth in love

Learning to speak the truth in love

We called to “speak the truth in love”. Indeed, there are Christians whose words are gracious and loving all of the time. Their speech is packed with authority and wisdom, yet is delivered with tender humility. They are always well received and welcomed – even when they are admonishing or...

Image for a prayer for God’s will

God’s will

Many Christians desire to know what is God’s will for them. In a broad sense, our Heavenly Father has already provided the answers in the Bible. God promises us that He will make everything beautiful in its time. His will for us to simply be joyful and to do good...

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Prayers that honour God

It is easy to only focus on what is seen in the physical realm, and forget that God is Spirit and is very much at work in the spiritual realm of our lives. When we pray, His Spirit responds to us. Such workings are invisible to our eyes. How we pray...