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Spiritual cleansing at home

No one leaves rotting food lying around our homes. It only attracts flies and brings disease. Yet spiritually, we may leave objects in our homes that attract spiritual destruction, not only for the owners but everyone who shares the same premises. Are we aware of the things in our homes...

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Why feng shui is unprofitable

Many people turn to feng shui with the hope of influencing the energy flow in their homes or workplaces, so they can be blessed with the best possible fortune. They orientate their interiors, move furniture around and buy objects they believe bring them good luck. Unfortunately, they miss out on the...

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Healthy Christian fellowship groups

Healthy Christian fellowships provide safe places for believers to gather regularly and grow in their personal relationships with God. Some communities emphasise Bible study while others are activity based. Whatever the case, the best groups are ones where participants feel safe to be challenged in their faith and will lovingly...

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God’s model marriage calls for sacrificial love, great patience and deep courage of heart. Becoming one as the Bible describes requires some ‘open heart surgery’. We must allow Him to change our hearts so that we love others selflessly, and trust Him to transform both husband and wife into His image. It...

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Cleansing home

We may never know the full history of a house, flat, field or hotel room. Fortunately, that doesn’t matter when we have God by our side and we can cleanse our homes in the name of Jesus Christ! Here is a cleansing prayer over a property that we own or lease....