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Jesus frees hotelier from spiritual attacks

Jesus frees hotelier from spiritual attacks

V was miraculously healed by Jesus from a long bout of sickness and dedicated herself to Him. Trying to grow in her faith and attending church, however, was difficult because of constant spiritual attacks. Here is her testimony of being freed from ungodly spirits, to experience God in joy hope...

Image for Jesus restores life coach's inner peace

Jesus restores life coach’s inner peace

J found joy and purpose in serving actively in church but was angry and frustrated once he was on his own. Here is his testimony of being set free from invisible chains from past hurts that used to hold him back from experiencing spiritual freedom. Praise God! I was prepared...

Image for Common themes in spiritual deceptions

Common themes in spiritual deceptions

Satan couldn’t command Adam and Eve to do anything. He simply used subtle suggestions and half-truths, to manipulate their thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The enemy can only resort to subliminal suggestions and manipulation to deceive us today. Here are some common themes.   Genesis 3:1-5 ESV  Now the serpent was...

Image for Confessing to receive freedom

Confessing to receive freedom

Confessing our sins and saying sorry to God is an ongoing part of our journey with Him while we are on earth. Even in our relationships with people, there will be times when we do or say things that offend each other – what more when we are in a...

Image for a prayer over family strife

Family strife

Are the relationships in your family fractured, traumatic, painful and full of strife? Let’s never lose hope in what the great Creator of families can do for us. Know that challenging situations are opportunities for our loving Father in heaven to turn our family from darkness into light, from mourning into...