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Image for a prayer over workplace idolatry 

Workplace idolatry 

With feng shui, new age and other idolatrous practices so rampant, it is almost impossible to work in a place that worships God only. Before Jesus left His disciples, He prayed that we would be protected from Satan while we are in this world. Let us be “wise as serpents...

Image for Qi energy leads us away from God

Qi energy leads us away from God

Qi (or chi) refers to the circulating life force or vital energy that is central to Chinese medical treatments, exercise and self-defence. This is counter to the Holy Spirit, who is breath of God and His life-force. Whenever we turn to acupuncture (针刺), Chinese medicine, fengshui (风水), qigong (气功), tai chi (太极拳), foot reflexology (足底按摩), tuina...

Image for Jesus frees entrepreneur from hopelessness

Jesus frees entrepreneur from hopelessness

S is a talented, enterprising and hard-working entrepreneur. Yet she was plagued by thoughts of failure and unworthiness. Here is her story of being set free from the lies that Satan has formed in her mind because of ungodly inner vows she had made about her own life. Praise God!...