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Image for Lies that hinder a man’s emotional freedom

Lies that hinder a man’s emotional freedom

Many men live emotionally isolated lives because we have been taught from young to project a strong, invincible image. Boys quickly learn that it is not socially acceptable to cry or express “weaknesses” such as loneliness, helplessness, or sadness. As a result, millions of adult men struggle to process totally...

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The importance of emotional healing

Negative emotions, such as fear, shame, and grief, can be very powerful drivers of our decisions without us even being conscious of it. From a young age, we all learn to cope with our negative emotions in various ways. These can include anger, denial, perfectionism, pride, hyper-vigilance or escapism. Some...

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We are all hit by anxiety at times. It’s that deep silent panic that we try to suppress with ‘positive thinking’ or address by looking for solutions. Other times, we simply divert our attention to other things so we don’t have to face our anxieties.   A prayer to confess...