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Tag: Evangelism

Image for Bless our pastors and ministry leaders

Bless our pastors and ministry leaders

In the age of social media, every one of us feels entitled to our own opinion. In contrast, God’s Word tells us to submit to and obey our church and ministry leaders. Otherwise, we cause those whom God has appointed to watch over us to groan with sorrow. This would...

Image forSharing the gospel with our testimony

Sharing the gospel with our testimony

The Bible describes those who reject Jesus as living in spiritual darkness. Followers of Jesus are called to shine His light to a dark world through the way we live our lives. Our personal testimonies and attitudes towards others go a long way in sharing the gospel, much more than...

Image for Sharpening our spiritual gifts

Sharpening our spiritual gifts

Jesus came to restore our relationship with God. He equips every believer with spirituals gifts so that we are able to continue His critical mission to reconcile the lost and hurting to Him. Let us actively sharpen our gifts, and not squander them, or worse, use them against God’s will....