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Image for Testing for deceitful spirits in churches

Testing for deceitful spirits in churches

Jesus came to destroy the works of Satan in this world. As Jesus’ followers, we must protect our Saviour’s beloved church from the devil’s cunning schemes. How do we recognise when subtle demonic influences start to creep into our churches and lead God’s people away from Him?   1 John...

A prayer for the Church in Last Days

Church in Last Days

The apostle Paul warned that the end times will be difficult times for churches. The challenges that we face will not just be from outside the church but from within. Any corruption of any church anywhere is an assault on God’s good name, and we are called to be persistent in...

End times

Are you saddened and disturbed by all that’s happening around the world these days? Jesus personally spoke about the signs of the end times and explained that such things were the “birth pangs” of the end of this world. Because He loves us, God has provided repeated warnings in both the...