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Please vent to God

Venting and articulating our inner frustrations and hurts helps release our emotional pains. Our bodies need a way to let our negative emotions out and not suppress them. There are, however, godly and ungodly ways to “let off steam“. It may surprise us to know that the healthy way to...

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Many great men in the Bible had at times, felt overwhelmed and hopeless. Even Jesus said his sorrow felt like death. God can truly sympathise with our sufferings. In the midst of our darkness, God promises to be with us. He will strengthen and protect us when we turn our entire...

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The importance of emotional self awareness

Our emotional reactions to people, circumstances and places reveal a lot about ourselves. We may be unaware that our hidden attitudes dishonour God and idolise ourselves. Spiritual growth requires that we develop emotional self-awareness.   Fortunately, God’s Holy Spirit will also convict us when we start to give in to...