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Image for Do we bless God or do we blaspheme Him?

Do we bless God or do we blaspheme Him?

Most of our prayers revolve around asking God for blessings and protection. The idea of blessing God through our attitudes and words may be foreign to some of us, yet it is central to an authentic relationship with Him. God is not a static vending machine of blessings. He is...

Image for What Jesus demands of our salvation

What Jesus demands of our salvation

Imagine being sentenced to death by electrocution, where the Supreme Judge who passed the sentence steps down from His judgment seat and takes our place. The criminal is released unharmed and the Judge is electrocuted instead. This in essence, is how Jesus became the Saviour of the world by dying...

Image for What stops answered prayers

What stops answered prayers

Our prayers are meant to be a fragrant offering to the King of kings. Instead, we can unwittingly bring the foul-smelling stench of toxic worldly thinking and stubborn hearts into God’s throne room. Some of us may not even be aware that past involvement in idol worship and witchcraft or...

Image for Submitting to God

Submitting to God

Submitting every area of our lives to God can be a real challenge for most believers. We don’t like to acknowledge that we are weak, blind and helpless without God. Yet the truth is we are unable to tolerate rejection, ascertain the future or guarantee our next breath.    Revelation...

Image for Praying for the salvation of loved ones

Praying for the salvation of loved ones

Are you feeling discouraged that you have been praying for someone’s salvation but they have yet to know Jesus as their personal Lord and Saviour? Does it seem as if you haven’t witnessed much change? Don’t give up praying! The key to truly loving someone like God does is to keep hoping...