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Praying for physical healing

With great love and compassion, Jesus healed everyone who sought Him for any disability, illness, and disease. He never turned anyone away. Yet not everyone who prays for healing in Jesus’ name receives it. What blocks healing and how are we to understand healing from a biblical perspective?   Matthew 9:35-36...

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Renewing the spirit of our minds

Mankind has made incredible progress in knowledge based on what we can observe over a few thousand years. Unlike us, God’s Holy Spirit is simultaneously present in every dimension in this immense universe and observes everything. He reads the minds of billions of people every nanosecond of our lives. Compared to...

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God sent His Son to die on the cross so as to provide cleansing for our sins and healing for our sicknesses. Possibly the most challenging circumstance to pray over is when we are suffering from sickness or when we lose someone to sickness. The Bible says we are to...