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Image for Jesus heals consultant’s hidden wounds

Jesus heals consultant’s hidden wounds

K was growing in his faith but confessed to being emotionless. Here is his testimony of how God gently revealed the wounds that choked his emotions and healed his heart as he confessed his pain. Praise God! God emptied me completely before I could be filled with His love and...

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6 crucial lessons about marriage

The Bible calls us to honour our marriages, yet nothing in our lifetimes really prepares us for marriage. What exactly does it mean to honour our marriages in real, practical terms?   Marriage is a covenant that unites two differently shaped lives to become one entity. Friction and compromise are inevitable. Let’s...

Image for a prayer for a friend in trouble

Friend in trouble

Trials and challenges test the depth of our faith and reveal our true character. Will we crack under pressure and leave the God we love? Or will we gain a “crown of life” when we remain steadfast under trials and stay faithful to Him? Let us pray for a friend...

Image for A prayer over family disappointments

Family disappointments

Family feuds, divorce, adultery, fighting over wealth, discrimination and favouritism between family members… there has never been a perfect family. Many of the greatest historical figures in the Bible had dysfunctional families but each showed that with obedience and true worship, they could overcome their family backgrounds to do great...

Image for a prayer over family strife

Family strife

Are the relationships in your family fractured, traumatic, painful and full of strife? Let’s never lose hope in what the great Creator of families can do for us. Know that challenging situations are opportunities for our loving Father in heaven to turn our family from darkness into light, from mourning into...

Image for Jesus heals retired manager’s eczema

Jesus heals retired manager’s eczema

J is a retiree with two adult children from a previous marriage that ended in divorce. Now remarried, she had struggled in her relationship with her children. Here is her story of how a case of eczema led to her renewing her life in Jesus Christ and reconciling with her...