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Tag: disappointment

Image for A prayer over relationship breakup


We have all experienced the devastating pain of broken relationships, either through irreconcilable differences, migration, separation, or divorce. Research has shown that emotional pain can be as real as physical pain. How do we pray when our broken hearts are physically hurting, and it seems as if all hope has...

A prayer over church wounds

Church wounds

No one is perfect. Believers do make mistakes that hurt their fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. To thrive in authentic godly church communities, we need draw healthy boundaries and be shrewd about whom we allow into our inner circles. Additionally, we must ensure that Satan does not use our wounds...

Image for a prayer about pain


We have all felt the painful sting of anger, anxiety, disappointment, sadness or shame in our hearts when people attack, betray or hurt us. Thankfully, we can go to God with our pains and wounds. He is a tender loving Father who will care for our every need and heal...