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How Satan hijacks our minds

Jesus describes Satan as a thief. Thieves cannot steal from us or break into our homes when we remain alert. Satan is only able to steal from us when we let our guard down. Here are some ways he will hijack our minds and blind us to his tactics.  ...

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Hypnotism hijacks our mind

Hypnosis is the “induction of a state of consciousness in which a person apparently loses the power of voluntary action and is highly responsive to suggestion or direction.”  Hypnotism bypasses the analytical side of one’s brain, the conscious mind, where value judgements are made, and taps into one’s subconscious mind, which has...

Image fortumbling blocks to breaking sinful patterns

Stumbling blocks to breaking sinful patterns

Jesus came to set us free from bondage to sin. To break free from cycles of sinful patterns, we first need to remove the stumbling blocks in our minds that prevent us from walking in spiritual freedom. What are some typical spiritual stumbling blocks?   The powerful Holy Spirit that raised Jesus...

teachinghumblehearts_Satan’s dangerous web of “advice”

Satan’s dangerous web of “advice”

We will live with more joy and fulfilment if we are able to discern the lies that the devil lays in front of us. The world is full of life “advice” that teaches us to idolise ourselves. Such idolatry will eventually lead to our spiritual death. How do we ensure...