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Instructing one another spiritually

As believers, we are called to instruct and correct one another. When God created us, He wired our brains for empathy. A signal goes off in us when we watch other people being destroyed. Each time we submit to the Holy Spirit and use this God-given instinct to lovingly edify...

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There are all sorts of political leaders, both good and bad. Whenever we see the politicians who profess to work for the public interest but who undeniably do what serves themselves first, we can not help but be disappointed. God expects us to put our political views to one side, and...

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Who shouldn’t mentor?

No one is perfect and neither are mentors. As role models, however, mentors should uphold certain qualities. Because of the impact we can have on other people’s lives, it is wise to uphold a few practical and godly conditions for mentoring.   1 Timothy 3: 2-4, 7 Now the overseer is...

Image for Questions that guide a mentee’s self-discovery

Questions that guide a mentee’s self-discovery

Our role as spiritual mentors is to facilitate our mentees’ “self-discovery” and help gently guide them to discover God’s truth and will for their lives. We can ask open-ended questions to guide a mentee and leave the rest to the Holy Spirit. He will counsel, convict and guide our mentees....