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Image for Filial piety (孝, xiào), playing by Confucius' family rules

Filial piety (孝, xiào), playing by Confucius’ family rules

The Confucian belief of filial piety (孝, xiào) teaches entire societies to respect one’s parents, elders, and ancestors. Such traditions run through virtually all Chinese families. Confucianism has been embraced for its ability to foster harmonious households and societies through the implicit influence over individuals. Disavowing any of its man-made practices...

Image for Cursing our parents curses us back

Cursing our parents curses us back

In anger, frustration, pain, and annoyance, we may shoot offensive and damning statements at people. Cursing, no matter how seemingly justified, goes against the Holy Spirit. He only brings patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self control. A tongue that has been poisoned with “restless evil” will curse others. The Bible teaches us not to...