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There is nothing in creation, big or small, that God has not personally woven together. That includes every molecule and cell that forms our DNA. God knits each child in its womb, gives it a heavenly name, plans its life ahead, and cares intensely for it. The world, however, preaches...

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Jesus heals mother of childhood fears

N is a mother of two who wanted to lead her children toward God but struggled with her role as a parent. Here is her testimony of realising the root of her struggles and being set free to love her family in greater joy, purity, and freedom. Praise God! How...

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Praying for healing

With great love and compassion, Jesus healed everyone who sought Him for any disability, illness, and disease. He never turned anyone away. Yet not everyone who prays for healing in Jesus’ name receives it. What blocks healing and how are we to understand healing from a biblical perspective?   Matthew 9:35-36...

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Baby dedications must be renewed

The Bible records Jesus as being presented at the temple in Jerusalem to be set apart as holy for the Lord. This practice of baby dedication is still prevalent today and practised by various religions, both Christian and otherwise. Some baby dedications are occult based and must be renewed.  ...

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Perhaps one of the most difficult things to do as parents is to not worry about our children. Will they grow up healthy? Are they receiving the right education? Who are their friends and how are they being influenced outside the home? Will we be able to support them and...

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God’s model marriage calls for sacrificial love, great patience and deep courage of heart. Becoming one as the Bible describes requires some ‘open heart surgery’. We must allow Him to change our hearts so that we love others selflessly, and trust Him to transform both husband and wife into His image. It...