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Why feng shui is unprofitable

Many people turn to feng shui with the hope of influencing the energy flow in their homes or workplaces, so they can be blessed with the best possible fortune. They orientate their interiors, move furniture around and buy objects they believe bring them good luck. Unfortunately, they miss out on the...

Generational curses

Are there persistent sicknesses, childbearing difficulties, mental troubles, strife, financial difficulties, adultery, abuses and other deep-rooted sins in our family lines through the generations? The presence of a generational curse means that life won’t go smoothly for us either. Thank God that He will cleanse us of our family’s sins and curses...

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God’s promises

How wonderful it is to pray with confidence in God’s ‘precious and very great promises’ for us. The Creator of everything in this universe has given us a part of His divine nature by having His Holy Spirit live in us. With the Spirit of wisdom, peace, hope and joy inside...