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Why we don’t truly believe

A true believer is not merely someone who calls Jesus ‘Lord’ or believes that He is the Son of God. Even demons believe Jesus is God and tremble. Jesus said that His true believers will perform greater miracles than Him. Would Jesus be pleased with the state of our belief...

A prayer for the Church in Last Days

Church in Last Days

The apostle Paul warned that the end times will be difficult times for churches. The challenges that we face will not just be from outside the church but from within. Any corruption of any church anywhere is an assault on God’s good name, and we are called to be persistent in...

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Christian conflict

Conflicts amongst Christians can arise because of different personalities, ways, communication styles, views and spiritual maturity. God is the Creator of diversity and we are to celebrate it. Diversity, however, is also a potential source of conflict. The Bible tells us to maintain unity in the same spirit, the Spirit...