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Image for Staying healthy when serving others in ministry

Staying healthy when serving others in ministry

Serving others tests the purity of our hearts – and if we are truly serving others because we love God. The Bible says that if our hearts are pure and pleasing to God, we will produce good fruit. How can we ensure we serve others with the right attitude?   Colossians...

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Recognising and resisting spiritual attacks

As we grow closer to God, the enemy will try to distract, discourage or disunite us. Such spiritual attacks are more annoying than alarming. How do we arm ourselves with the knowledge to rebuke Satan and reject his schemes?   Satan and his demons tremble at the mention of God....


Using God’s Word against spiritual attacks

The Bible tells us to stay alert against Satan’s schemes. The apostle Peter told us to actively resist our enemy – not ignore him. The apostle James also said the same thing; to submit everything to God and to resist the enemy so he will flee. How do we use God’s...

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We have all felt the painful sting of anger, anxiety, disappointment, sadness or shame in our hearts when people attack, betray or hurt us. Thankfully, we can go to God with our pains and wounds. He is a tender loving Father who will care for our every need and heal...