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5 lies that keep us spiritually stuck 

Years of abuse, neglect, betrayal or rejection can lead us to develop self-protective mechanisms to mask the pain we feel. The fear of being vulnerable and risking more pain prevents us from seeking help. If we do not know how to go to God for relief, we remain stuck in a dull existence,...

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Pointing fellow believers to hard spiritual truths

As believers, we are called to instruct and correct one another. When God created us, He wired our brains for empathy. A signal goes off in us when we watch other people being destroyed spiritually. How can we obey such signals and lovingly point fellow believers to hard spiritual truths...

teachinghumblehearts_Satan’s dangerous web of “advice”

Satan’s dangerous web of “advice”

We will live with more joy and fulfilment if we are able to discern the lies that the devil lays in front of us. The world is full of life “advice” that teaches us to idolise ourselves. Such idolatry will eventually lead to our spiritual death. How do we ensure...

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Important mentoring principles: TIPS

TIPS is an acronym for mentors who are Transparent, Intentional, Praying and Strategic. It is an easy way to remember four important mentoring principles.  (See Chinese versions: 简体中文 > 基督徒辅导 | 繁體中文 > 基督徒辅导)   1. Transparent Mentors should be prepared to be transparent and vulnerable with other people. Sharing some of our own...