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Instructing one another spiritually

As believers, we are called to instruct and correct one another. When God created us, He wired our brains for empathy. A signal goes off in us when we watch other people being destroyed. Each time we submit to the Holy Spirit and use this God-given instinct to lovingly edify...

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We all need some encouragement. There will be days we face conflicts, misunderstandings, challenging conversations, impossible deadlines or struggle with finances. Whatever the case is, we can thankfully go to God’s promises and declare them over ourselves. Many of the psalms that King David wrote were prayers of encouragement to...

teachinghumblehearts_Waiting on God's timing

Waiting on God’s timing

In an age of microwaved food, we have become used to serving our own pleasures at our own will at our own timing – sometimes in a matter of seconds. Waiting is no longer a virtue but an inconvenience. Our reflex response would be to question, “Why doesn’t God answer my prayers...