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Tag: despair

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We all need some encouragement. There will be days we face conflicts, misunderstandings, challenging conversations, impossible deadlines or struggle with finances. Whatever the case is, we can thankfully go to God’s promises and declare them over ourselves. Many of the psalms that King David wrote were prayers of encouragement to...

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Jesus sets banker free from despair

V is a successful director at an international bank, who had struggled to find joy in her relationship with her Heavenly Father. She was driven, independent and joyless at work. Here is her testimony of how Jesus removed her despair and healed her heart. Praise God!  I had no idea...

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The importance of emotional self awareness

Our emotional reactions to people, circumstances and places reveal a lot about ourselves. We may be unaware that our hidden attitudes dishonour God and idolise ourselves. Spiritual growth requires that we develop emotional self-awareness.   Fortunately, God’s Holy Spirit will also convict us when we start to give in to...